List of Mac vs. PC Pros and Cons

It is very tough to decide which platform you need to buy a Mac or PC. Here both platforms have different advantages and disadvantages. This all things depend on external factors, for example, what other devices you own and what kind of software you use. Like if you are using a Windows Phone, an Xbox One and all… Read More »

Block or Redirect Websites Using the Windows Hosts File

The Windows Hosts file is used to control and map IP addresses. If you want to block or redirect specific websites then you need to edit the windows hosts files. Steps to Block Websites Using Windows Hosts Files Step 1: First, Open Windows Explorer. Now Click on This PC or My Computer. Step 2: Open C:\, then click… Read More »

Best Useful Tools for iOS App Developers

Here I have listed the best tool that will be very helpful for iOS app development. To collect these tools I have taken so much time for you and sure I will update this article when the new tool is available. So you should bookmark this resource post for later use. If you are planning to develop an… Read More »

Best 7 Video Status Maker Android App

If you are using social media and spend more amount of time scrolling through the feeds every once in a while, you might be well aware with stories, or video status. In this article, I have listed the Best 7 Video Status Maker Android App. In social media, the meaning of it is different in every social media platform like… Read More »

10 Best Self Hosted RSS Feed Reader

There are a lot of feed readers in the market but in this article, I have listed the best 10 best self-hosted RSS feed reader among them. We know the social media and other tools want to feed readers for RSS, Atom, and other syndication formats. List of 10 Best Self Hosted RSS Feed Reader 1. Miniflux Miniflux is the… Read More »

Best App To Watch Cricket Match On Your Smartphone

Cricket fans are all over the world for T-20 World Cup and many other tournaments to follow. All cricket fans can hardly wait to watch them live. Yet, if you don’t want to miss the exciting matches, even if you are on the go, then we have a solution for you. Here I have listed best smartphone app… Read More »