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Meizu Note 8 Smartphone Launch with Two Rear Cameras

Meizu launched the Meizu Note 8 smartphone in the Chinese market. The company has also curtailed the price, availability, and specification of Note 8. Pre-order booking of Meizu Note 8, which runs on the flyover, has begun. Meizu Note 8 has a 6-inch display, 4 GB RAM with snapdragon 632 chipset, two rear cameras, 3,600 mAh battery for the phone to be installed. It is not yet known when this phone will be launched globally.

Meizu Note 8 Smartphone

The Highlight of Meizu Note 8 Smartphone

Storage: 64 GB
Battery: 3,600 mAh
Display: 6-inch
Rear Camera: 12-megapixel + 5-megapixel
Front Camera: 8-megapixel

The Price of Meizu Note 8

  • Customers will be able to purchase the phone in Dark, Gray Blue, Smoke Purple, and Red Color variants.
  • Pre-order booking has started on the company’s official website. Let us know that the sale of the phone will start from November 1.
  • In China, the price of Mezzo Note 8 is 1,298 Chinese yuan (about 13,700 rupees).

The Specification of Meizu Note 8

  • Smartphone has 1.8 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 Octa-Core Processor with Adreno 506 GPU and 4GB RAM, the phone has 64 GB inbuilt storage.
  • With the help of MicroSD card, it is possible to extend the storage up to 128 GB.
  • There is a battery of 3,600 mAh battery to boost the phone.
  • Mezoo Note 8 will run on the Flight OS based on Android Orio.
  • Its aspect ratio is 18: 9.
  • It has a 6-inch full-HD + (1080×2160 pixels) display.
  • The dimension of Meizu Note 8 is 153.6×75.5×7.9 millimeters and weighing 168 grams.
  • Meizu Note 8 has dual camera setup on the previous part. The primary sensor with dual PDAF is 12 megapixels. Jugal Bandi has 5-megapixel secondary sensor with F / 1.9 aperture.
  • The front panel has an 8-megapixel camera with F / 2.0 aperture. It comes with Face Unlock support.
  • Accelerometer, ambient light sensor, electronic compass, hall sensor, gyroscope and proximity sensor.
  • The connectivity features include 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 A / B / G / N, Bluetooth 4.2 LE, GPS/GLONASS.

Five Google AdSense Rules Must Follow on Your Blog

We all know Google AdSense is a very popular blog monetization platform because you can easy to join the AdSense monetization program and integrate ads into your blog/website. One more thing is good for AdSense ads they don’t take up a lot of space to show ads. In this article, I have listed rules you must follow to avoid being banned from the AdSense platform.

Must Follow Below Google AdSense Rules on Your Blog

1. Never Boost Clicks Artificially

Clicks on Google ads must occur because of true user interest. Google AdSense is very intelligent so never do Artificially Click on your ads. Never click on ads that are shown on your own blog/websites. If they found this type of behavior than they terminate the AdSense accounts of individuals who do the following mistakes:

  • Join with a group of people to click on AdSense ads on member’s blog or website.
  • Ask other people to click on the AdSense links on your blog.
  • When you pay an individual or company to click on your ads.
  • Click on AdSense links on your own blog.
  • Use any kind of automated process to increase clicks.

2. Never Show More Ads Than Content

There are no any limits the number of ads you can place on a single blog/website but still places restrictions. Google has a rights to limit ads or ban AdSense accounts on blog/website it considers unacceptable including following:

  • Pages with no content.
  • Your web page contains ads more than the content of your page.
  • The page that you are automatically generating.

3. Never Ignore Webmaster Quality Guidelines

Google cannot allow the ads on the blogs/websites that do not follow the AdSense webmaster quality guidelines. So you must follow the AdSense webmaster quality guidelines.

They include the following:

  • You must provide relevant content on your blog or website.
  • You cannot duplicate the same content on the several domain or subdomain.

4. Never Create More Than One AdSense Account

If you have more than one Google AdSense accounts than you are breaking policy of Google Adsense. While you can add more than one blog or website to your Google AdSense account, you may not have more than one actual account.

5. Never Show Your Reader That AdSense Ads Are Not Ads

Don’t try to disguise ads to increase clicks. When you are hiding text link ads into the content of your blog posts and say readers to click on the link so it means you are forcing the reader to click on ads. Here you are breaking policy of Google Adsense and you are violating the Google AdSense policies.

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For Travel Blogger: Best 7 Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you are a travel blogger then you are right place here. I understand it is very hard to blog while traveling so here I give you a standing ovation for a travel blogger. It is very tough to manage the travel blog. Travel blogging is a popular & profitable niche that can generate great amounts of revenue using various monetization methods. I have seen many travel bloggers get sponsorship for traveling, but not everyone is so lucky at the beginning of their blogging career.

Travel Blogge Affiliate Marketing

Today In this article I tell you about some of the best affiliate programs that you can use for your travel blog to earn money. If you are already well-versed in the art of affiliate marketing, then you can read the complete list of affiliate programs for travel blogs.

For Travel Blogger: Best 7 Affiliate Marketing Platform


Join Affiliate Partner Program and begin earning commission on bookings made through your website. Signing up is free, easy and confirm instantly. The Affiliate Partner Program gives you the unique opportunity to connect your business to the world’s most recognized online accommodation booking platform.


  • Minimum payout €100.
  • Payout mode is PayPal (create a PayPal account).
  • Free & easy sign-up process.
  • They have an offer-based, commission split model.
  • They Offer a search box, deep linking, and banner integration options.

2. TripAdvisor

Joining the TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program enables you to partner with the world’s largest and most trusted travel community. Getting on this affiliate program will be valuable as you can source content from their website. When someone is planning a trip, they usually check out TripAdvisor for reviews, recommendations, and bookings.


  • 50% Commission.
  • Incentive programs.
  • Deep linking to over 500,000 city and hotel pages.
  • Partner with a brand people trust.
  • Continuous addition of products and promotions.
  • Access to a dedicated and experienced team.

3. Affiliate Program is for publishers who want to leverage their web properties.


  • Highly competitive commissions that are paid upon booking
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Online reporting and tracking
  • The easy implementation that allows you to start earning commisions within a few minutes of acceptance.

4. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one website that I always use when checking the price of a flight. For your travel blog, Skyscanner offers various options.


  • Supports flight bookings, hotel bookings, and rental cars.
  • One of the most popular travel affiliate program APIs.
  • Flight booking widget for your sidebar.
  • Offers white-label solutions for offering flight searches on your website.
  • One of the best & most detailed reference systems to help you get started.


They guarantee the security of all transactions through the use of advanced technology. You can get all possible types of cooperation are (co-branded search engine, banners (static images or flash), text links).


  • Attractive commissions for air tickets booked through your website.
  • It’s Free! There are no subscription fees or fixed costs.
  • It will definitely increase sales derived from your website.
  • They provide expert support.

6. Airtickets24 is an online travel agency, where you can book flight tickets, find the hotel and rent a car all over the world. This is another best website to join for Affiliate Marketing Programs.


  • Purchase 75% of flights lower than GDS fares.
  • Earn commission without volume threshold.
  • Issue air tickets today with no prior deposit.
  • Manage reservations with no GDS know-how.
  • Pay by card without transactional fees or in cash later.
  • Follow up your performance stats anytime online.
  • It’s free: there are no subscription fees or fixed costs.

7. Amazon Associates

It’s easy and free to join Amazon Associates programs. Choose from over a million products to advertise to your customers. Amazon is the top destination for online buying. They have an amazing reputation and will help you earn great amounts of money in no time.


  • Higher commission as you start referring to more users.
  • Highly reputed network.
  • Numerous products related to travelers & traveling.
  • Getting started is easy and you will find tons of guides & videos.

Below are some other way you can monetization your blog:

  • Google AdSense
  • Viglink
  • Cuelinks
  • Direct ad sales
  • Merchandise sales
  • Selling eBooks

This list is currently up to date, but to make it complete, it requires your contribution. Do let us know of any other popular affiliate programs for the travel niche that you would recommend to other travel bloggers.

Best 4 Ads Network For Publisher to Use With AdSense

Google Adsense is the best Ads network and it is the first choice of any online publisher to monetize his/her blog since its initial release in 2003. They provide efficient and reliable for increase revenue for any site but if you have good traffic then you can use other ads network alongside with Google Adsense to increase your income source and that are easy to implement and work well with AdSense. AdSense is very popular because they offer the best option out there for bloggers and publishers, they offer the deepest roster of advertisers, first-class technology, and usually RPMs that beat any other network.

They offer many types of ads unit that can be used on any one page. Below, I have highlighted the best 4 ads network that publishers and bloggers can use alongside AdSense to increase revenue.

Best 4 Ads Networks For Publisher to Use With AdSense


In this list, is come first because they are the exclusive operator and provider of Yahoo! Bing Network’s contextual ads across the world. It functions in generally the same way as AdSense and offers many of the same options. This ad network provides standard ad sizes (e.g., 728×90, 300×250, etc.) as well as contextual link units.

Below is the reason to use Adsense with,

  1. Their contextual Ads that make complete sense.
  2. Native ads that take the form and feel of your content.
  3. Beautiful and diverse ad units that are aesthetically superior.

Try Click Here

#2 Taboola

Taboola is one of the oldest and largest native ad networks, enjoying a notable market share. It’s a great combination to use Taboola with AdSense. Taboola has a strong regional advertiser base globally which results in great variety in creatives and nature of the ads. The ads from Taboola are of high quality.

Below is the reason to use Adsense with Taboola,

  1. Taboola provides native advertising ads.
  2. You can maximize Your Revenue.
  3. Publishers can use Taboola to recirculate organic content, optimize homepage.

#3 Outbrain

Outbrain is a premium discovery platform that helps connect marketers to their target audience through personalized recommendations on the world’s leading publishers. They use proprietary interest and behavioral data to capture the audience’s attention all the way to inspiring their next action.

Below is the reason to use Adsense with Outbrain,

  1. Outbrain offer native advertising ads.
  2. The Outbrain algorithm uses contextual, behavioral and personal targeting. Outbrain’s algorithm determines which content within the network is relevant to individual users.

#4 Infolinks

Infolinks is a popular ad network. Infolinks provide “smart ads,” with their most common solution involving the display of ads when users hover their mouse over linked content.

Below is the reason to use Adsense with Infolinks,

  1. Placements of ads are less susceptible to banner blindness.
  2. Their ad formats including video and native in order to boost unit engagement and revenue.

Comments About Using Multiple Ads Network

More is not necessarily more. Less is not necessarily more. It takes testing. So Always try to balance ads unit because if you add more ads unit then your web page look like spammy so there are changes to banned from AdSense. I have gone through this four ads network, you can use any of one from the above list with your Adsense to increase revenue. ads perform very well in containers and below content because the ads look like navigation options.

Tips To ubmit an Android App To The Amazon App Store

Are you looking for an alternate option for your android app to submit it in different play store? Are you looking to increase the reach of your Android app? We know many of Android developers are publishing their app on google play store but there are many other sources is available for publishing your android app.

Amazon App Store

Here in this article, I will explain you to publish your app to the Amazon App Store. Here I am publishing my own Android app to the Amazon App Store. In this guide, I have covered all the essential steps to follow to publish your app on the Amazon App Store.

Steps to Submit Android App to Amazon App Store

Step 1: Go to this link and create your Amazon developer account. Here it is necessary to configure payment option during the creation of the account. If you are offering in-app purchases or you want to monetize their app using Amazon App Store then this is especially important.

Amazon App Store Registration

Step 2: Now click on “submit”, and complete the tax interview for monetizing your app.

Step 3: Click on Apps & Services.

Step 4: Click on Add New App.

Step 5: Select Android Platform and go to next page.

Step 6: After adding the details you can Click on “Save”. Now click on all the tabs above and add the details. Next, all steps are very easy and they ask you to provide details about your app and about the developer.

Below are the image sizes required for your app submission:

  1. Small icon: (114*114px) PNG Format
  2. Large icon: (512*512px) PNG Format
  3. Screenshots Between 3 and 10 PNGs or JPGs
    800 x 480px, 1024 x 600px, 1280 x 720px,
    1280 x 800px, 1920 x 1080px, 1920 x 1200px,
    or 2560 x 1600px (portrait or landscape).
  4. Promotional image 1024 x 500px (landscape only) PNG or JPG.

Step 7: Now click on “Save” and click on each tab and add details. Here you can to upload the .apk file under the binary files tab.

Step 8: Once all tabs are green ticked, click on “submit app” under “app name” to submit for review.

Note: According to the official help page, they take one week to review your submitted Android app.

Below Are the FAQ about Amazon’s App Developer Program:

  • To create an Amazon developer account is free.
  • The Amazon App Store accepts non-exclusive app submissions.

List of Mac vs. PC Pros and Cons

It is very tough to decide which platform you need to buy a Mac or PC. Here both platforms have different advantages and disadvantages. This all things depend on external factors, for example, what other devices you own and what kind of software you use. Like if you are using a Windows Phone, an Xbox One and all the other computers in your home are Windows PCs then you can buy PCs because it might be more convenient for you. And if you are using an iPad, an iPhone, and an Apple TV then you can buy Mac.

Mac vs PC

Also if you use both environment Windows and Mac devices then it’s pretty easy to share data across devices. Now it is very easy to access Mac files from a Windows PC and vice versa. Ever if you are new to Mac OS then also ou can easy to user Mac OS because OS X has an equivalent for pretty much every feature in Windows.

List of Mac vs. PC Pros and Cons

Mac Advantage Versus Windows Disadvantage

  • BootCamp is the built-in program in Mac OS which allows you to install Windows, Linux or other operating systems. It’s also super easy to switch between the two operating systems. Compare to Windows OS it is very easy to set up the dual system in OS X is infinitely easier.
  • In terms of software, Macs work better with other Apple products like iMessage, Handoff, Find My iPhone, iCloud, iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Drive, iCloud Keychain, etc. In Microsoft tried this thing but only partially.
  • Compare to Windows, Macs are less complicated and more intuitive to use.
  • Apple provide best customer support, they give AppleCare warranty programs, and they have Apple Stores where you can take your Mac or other Apple products for repairs.
  • Mac computers have pre-installed software, but only from Apple and they don’t slow down your system. And all other new PCs come installed with lots of other software from PC manufacturers, which requires manual removal. If you are technically good then this is a non-issue, otherwise, it can be a major nuisance.
  • Mac also holds their resale value far better than PCs but Macs are more expensive than PCs.
  • Mac provides a high-quality machine. Also, it can be true for PCs but so many manufacturers, and configurations, getting the best quality can be more difficult.
  • Macs are more innovative in design and features. Like Macs include USB Type C ports, Thunderbolt, multi-touch trackpads, keyboard backlighting, force touch, and more.
  • Windows cannot read Mac formatted drives unless you install a third-party program but Macs can read NTFS or FAT formatted hard drives.

PC Advantage Versus Mac Disadvantage

  • You have a huge selection of devices with a wide variation in prices because PCs are manufactured by many different companies. With Apple, you have only a few choices with set prices.
  • You can easy to up-gradable and configurable PCs. On Macs, you can usually only upgrade the RAM or hard drive and that’s it.
  • More software available for Windows. There is usually an equivalent Mac program for every Windows app, but they are not always as good.
  • For gaming, PCs are the absolute best option. Macs simply do not come with powerful graphics cards.
  • Windows-based PCs may have greater backward compatibility because a five-year-old PC can easily run Windows 10 without any issue and a five-year-old Mac can run the latest version of OS X.
  • When we think about accessories, you have lots of option for PCs and those options are usually cheaper.
  • Some newer Apple machines don’t even come with CD/DVD drives. PCs can be configured with hardware.

Above are the best advantages and disadvantages for Mac and PCs. Here in this article, we are not saying one platform is better than the other because that is simply not true. If you are a college student and the only thing that matters to you is your budget, then a Mac will probably not be the best choice. Just about everyone has used Windows, so you pretty much know what you are getting in terms of software.

Tips To Optimize Mobile App To Rank Higher In Google Play Store

If you have a mobile app in the Google play store and you are not getting enough downloads. If yes then this article will be helpful to you. The optimization of the Android app to get higher rank in Google Play Store is very important. Here I have explained the best ways to optimize your mobile app to get the best results.

Table of Contents

  • Understand App Store Optimization
  • How to Get Better Rank in Google play?
  • Optimize mobile app for better store search
  • Importance of Screenshots, Graphics, and Videos
  • Use of user experience, reviews, and rating
  • Tips Target Correct Users

Optimize Mobile App To Rank Higher In Google Play Store

Understand App Store Optimization

Same as a Search Engine Optimization, you need to optimize the Android app to get higher rank in App Store. This whole idea is used to optimize your mobile app to make your app appear on top.

Here you need to optimize your mobile app to get higher rank in google this is the whole idea behind ASO. For that you need to drive users to your app and need to increase download. If the similar app is shown in the result of app search then the chances of a user downloading your app over the other app is very high.

Tips To Get Better Rank In Google

Still now no one can exectly decide how the Google Play Store rank the apps. But some experts say some factors which play the most important role for ranking in App Store.

Below are some factor that is used to rank app:

  • Download Of App – If more download your app has then the more chances it has of being in the top search results. So try to increase download of your app. And share your app on social media.
  • Time of Installation – Google sees that how long the user is kept your app in their smartphone. This is the factor that Google must consider.
  • Your App Reviews and Rating – Google must follow quality of the app and it reflects in the search optimization. If your app has a more positive review then better change to get a higher rank.

Optimize mobile app for better store search

Searching on the Google App store is very easy task. You can easiest way of getting discovered and getting new installs or downloads.

Google play store you can take care of the following things to optimize mobile app:

  • App Title: If your app title has the right keywords related to your app, it increases the chances of getting discovered.
  • Description: Describe what your app does.

Importance of Screenshots, Graphics, and Videos

Screenshots of the app and its design are the way a user gets to see what will he get after downloading the app. Try to upload high definition screenshots of all sizes so user can easily understand your app.

If possible then upload one video about your app. Graphics play an important role in App store.

Use of user experience, reviews, and rating

If your app has a 5-star user rating then you stand a higher chance to get first in first search result. The rating of your app is directly related to the search ranking of your app.

If the user left the feedback then it can be used to improve the next version of your app so that your app users can have a better experience.

Tips Target Correct Users

The audience can vary on factors like location, age group or other factors. It is important that you find our potential audience and users.

Below Are Some Other Important Factors

  • Smaller size – It is recommended that developers make apps that are small in size and take less space in mobile devices.
  • Responsive apps – It is recommended to make apps that are compatible with all kinds of devices.

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Block or Redirect Websites Using the Windows Hosts File

The Windows Hosts file is used to control and map IP addresses. If you want to block or redirect specific websites then you need to edit the windows hosts files.

Steps to Block Websites Using Windows Hosts Files

Step 1: First, Open Windows Explorer. Now Click on This PC or My Computer.

Step 2: Open C:\, then click on the Windows folder. Next Open System32 folder, Inside that open the drivers folder and then open etc folder. Here you can see some files and open hosts files.

Step 3: Now, notice that the file type for the host’s file is listed as File. Now open notepad as Administrator. And drag hosts file on the notepad.

Windows Host Files

To add new entry in hosts file is very easy. The hosts file uses the format:

IP Address

Step 4: To block the website add IP Address for hosts that you want to block. So, if I wanted to block a website like, I could just add the following line in hosts file:

Steps to Redirect Websites Using Windows Hosts Files

If you didn’t want to block the website in that way, you could also redirect it to another website.

Step 1: First, you need to find the IP address of the other site. For example, I want to redirect from to And assume the address of is

Step 2: Add the new entry in windows hosts file like, Refer below sreenshortt,

Redirect Windows Host File

Nice! Now when I visit, I get redirect to If the website uses HTTPS like or something, it should still redirect if you use the host name because there is no way to specify the HTTPS version of a website in the HOSTS file. The hosts file is still useful, even in Windows 10. It also still works just fine in Windows 8, 7, Vista, etc.