How to Download Deleted Video in Whatsapp

By | December 19, 2018

WhatsApp has become the common need of our lives now. Wattsap is used everywhere from office to business. The company also updates this app by doing something new. This time there are some changes that you will like on the WattsApp. Recently there have been 1 billion users of WattsAP. In such a way, Watts gives a smile on people’s face by doing something new. 6 new changes are going to take you through which you will also get excited. Let’s know what are 5 new features …

High Priority notification
According to the news of deccanchronicle, these features are only for those who have an Android beta version. With this feature you will keep track of the necessary notifications. This means that you will not be able to miss any important notifications. You will find this feature in notification settings. This feature is available on android WhatsApp version 2.18.117.

  1. Delete photos and videos will be able to download again
    Just like you have deleted videos or photos from Wattsapp, you can download them back. This feature is available on the Android beta version. This feature is not available on iOS. According to WABetaInfo, you will be able to download three months old photos and videos again

Watersapp Payment
This facility is only for those people who have made Watersapp Payment enabled. Wattsapp Beta is available on Android 2.18.113 only. Users can request for money through WTSAP payment. Previously only the option of sending money was available.

Admin can dismiss as Admin Feature
This feature is only available for iOS Beta users on WhatsApp version 2.18.41 and web apps. Android users will have to wait for this feature. Through this feature, one of the group’s administrators can dismiss the other admin. There was no such feature before.
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File Share can up to 1GB
Wattsapp is now going to give you good news in file sharing. Soon you can share files up to 1 GB. At present, 100 MB on Android and 120 MB of files can be shared on iOS. It may join your app soon.

Lock voice message recording
So far it was happening that you could send a voice message after pressing the mic button. But through this feature you have to press the button for 0.5 seconds. After that you can record the voice. This feature is also available only on Android Beta version 2.18.102 and iOS.

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