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Emoji live wallpaper

Bored of your default static wallpapers? Want to make your awesome phone, old or new, even prettier? Get ready to stand out with this free new hd and customizable animated themes! It has moving funny and cute emojis as well!

Emoji live wallpaper is the perfect dynamic theme creator for all android phones owners (suitable for both girls and boys!). It can turn your regular boring backgrounds into beautiful dynamic wallpapers with smiley, in love, laughing emojis! It also has parallax (3D/4D) effects, emojis, frames and magic touch (beautiful animations with moving particles and sounds when you touch the screen). It can also be applied to you lock screen!

You can also add one of many beautiful analog clocks to your home screen! Gold clock, butterflies clock, Vintage/retro clock, wood clock or even a transparent clock!

You can also add your name, the name of the one you love or any other custom text and quotes you want to the screen! Choose between lots of fonts, text colors, patterns (roses, hearts, rain drops, stars, stones, etc.), sizes, positions and have fun customizing what you write!

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How do I enable it?
– This is very easy. Run the app and just press the “Customize” button and on the next page scroll through the 6 customizing options (background, moving elements, analog clocks, your name, emoji, magic touch and don’t forget to review our app at the last step!
-After you are done with the editing, just press the button from the bottom of the screen (the one with the check mark) and then tap on the “Save” button in order to save your changes.
– Once you are directed to the main screen, just press “Set wallpaper” and then confirm it from the phones screen for setting wallpapers.
– Or if the above doesn’t work you can also try to do this: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Select “Emoji live wallpaper”

What can it do?
– You can change the background image of the wallpaper or you can even add your own images!
– You can also change the design of the emojis that appear all over your screen.
– You can add emojis from you keyboard and watch them moving across the screen.
– You can add an analog clock to your screen.
– It has 3D/4D (parallax) and magic touch effects (colorful particles and sounds).
– Fully optimized app to run on almost all android devices and to keep the image original.
– It’s new, free and hd.
– Emoji live wallpaper is suited for everyone and free to use.
– Emoji live wallpaper is a live wallpaper editor, with a large collection of ways to customize your phone.

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Process to changes photo in the Aadhar Card, only Rs 15 will be spent.

At present, the central government has ordered the Aadhar card to be attached to every required document, it has been compulsory to add a support number with a document ranging from a pen card to a mobile number. Besides the name, address, you can also change your photo on the base card. You have to spend only 15 rupees for this.

Below are the steps to change the photo to Aadhar Card:

  • To process this you need to go to the Aadhar Card Center. If you have not reached your Aadhar card then take the Aadhar Card number when you go to Aadhar Card Center.
  • You will have to fill out the form again once the Aadhar Card Center is over. In which you will also have to type Aadhar Card number.
  • After filling the form, your fingers and the whole scans will be photographed again. If this photo is not exactly fixed, you can take it once again.
  • After this process, all your databases will be sent to the base Aadhar Card of the Bangalore Center. After that, your data will be processed and your Aadhar Card will be returned to your home in two weeks with new photos.
  • Aadhar card Marta only happens once. So for the photo change, you have to pay 15 rupees. To cut biometric data, also have to spend rupees

Know Your Name Horoscope

pne Name Ka Meaning Jane : My Name Meaning

My Name meaning Application help you to check what is behind your name and make a picture with your name meaning.The information in your name can reveal your destiny.

Name Meaning help you to know about you by your name and the character prediction by name first letter in Hindi. The first Letter in your Name predicts your Character and many other things about your love life, money, and life.

This app brings you the best to enhance your creativity. Simply add your name and click on generate the next screen will give you the superb meanings of your name characters.

Name Meaning with c

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Now you can share your name meanings just by clicking the share button.
Create Picture Poster with your Name Meaning and share on Social media with friends and family.
How to Use:
– Just Start app and insert your name to generate My Name Meaning
– Select amazing backgrounds from our app – Customize text size, color & fonts that suites you the best.
– Click on refresh button to generate new meanings of your name.
– Click on save & you are done!!!
– Share your awesome meaning with social media.

Key Features:
– Attractive Backgrounds, gradient and colors & more.
– Image can be added as background from gallery or Camera.
– Text colors can easily customizable.
– choose font size as you like from our range of available fonts.
– Just create your meaning name photo within a minutes.
– App is Efficient and easy to use
– Generate beautiful meaningful Names

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How to Return Your All Data From Google

How to Return Your All Data From Google

Return To Google From Your Personal Data
Facebook Is Surrounded By Data Controversy.

There is also a risk of leakage on your data in Google. Google also collects your data. And we will tell you the whole process using which you can download your data, which Google selects

Google is the world’s largest search engine. Most people use Gmail. Google knows everything from your location to your name, gender, birth date, personal mobile number, what you are searching for.

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If you have been using Google for a long time and are an Android user, Google knows your resume details.

Go to Here you can download everything from your documents in Google Drive to YouTube, in just seconds of calculation. What you have bookmarked, from your pictures to location and activity all will be downloaded.

– Go to and click on the Next button.

-Then click on Create Archive.

This way you will get all your data.

This process can take time if you want to download data from Google. The best option is to download the same data that you want to see. You will get all this data through one mail.

How to save You Tube Video in gallery-YouTube Go

Introducing YouTube Go 🎆 A brand new app to download and watch videos

YouTube Go is your everyday companion, even when you have limited data or a slow connection.
✔️️ Discover popular videos: 🎵 songs, 🎥 movies, 📺 TV shows, 😂 comedy, 👜 fashion, 🍲 cooking, 🛠️ ‘how-to’s and many, many more!
✔️️ Download and watch your favourite videos
✔️️ Control your data and storage
✔️️ Instantly share videos – no data used to transfer
✔️️ Only 9.4 MB app size

🔹 Control your data $
– Choose to download or watch
– Preview videos before you download or watch
– Choose how many MBs you use on videos

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🔹 Download videos ⬇️️
– Download videos to your phone or SD card
– Play them without buffering
– Watch them anytime, anywhere – even with slow or no internet connection
– Watch downloaded videos many times with no extra data cost

🔹 Share videos instantly 🙌
– Share with friends and family nearby
– Video transfer uses no data
– Super-fast speed: send and receive videos in seconds

🔹 Super fast! Less phone hang 🚀
– No more worrying about phone hanging
– Made to work with less storage and slow speeds

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Google Translate

Google Translate

Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google, to translate the text. They provide a website interface, mobile apps for Android and iOS. The developer can use Google API to build browser extensions and software applications. Google Translate supports over 100 languages. Rather than translating languages directly, it first translates text to English and then to the target language.

If you want you can type the English word and translate it. In addition, it will have the option of handwriting recognition translation, voice translation, and image translation. As soon as you start the image translation feature, the camera of your phone starts working like a magical translator. After tapping on the camera, you will first need to download the instant camera language.

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Below are the feature of Google Translate

You Can Translate between more than 100 languages by typing.
• Instant camera translation: Use your camera to translate text instantly in 38 languages.
• Using Tap to Translate Language: Copy text in any app and your translation pops up.
• Translate Offline: You Can Translate 59 languages when you have no Internet.
• Conversation Mode: Two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages.
• You Can Use Camera Mode: Take pictures of text for higher-quality translations in 37 languages.
• Provide Handwriting: Draw characters instead of using the keyboard in 93 languages.
• Phrasebook: Star and save translations for future reference in any language.

Download App: Click Here

Find other people’s live location in this way

Find other people’s live location in this way

It is not easy to know the location of any person and it is very difficult to know the live location. But and you are going to tell you about an application that will help you easily find the live location of anybody’s phone. Even if your phone is lost, you can easily see your phone’s location. Let’s know how you can get the phone’s live location.

First of all, you have to install an application on your smartphone. The name of this application is GPS tracker Follow me After installing this application, you will have to register in this app. It is worth mentioning that this application needs to be tracked in the phone to be tracked. You can not track if this application is not on the phone.

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After installing this app you will see many options if you open the app. Here you have to go to settings. Now a new pad will open. The new user registration option will be available at the top. Click on it. Here you will have to place a user name, password and email id as soon as you click. Now click on Quintu. Now a new page will open. Let the track interval one minute here, so that the rate of phone will be available for every minute. Then save it. Now the location of the phone you want to know is available every minute.

Ringtones & Wallpapers Download This App

Ringtones & Wallpapers Download This App

NEW Features include:
• Side-swipe while you preview to see related content and browse seamlessly.
• Improved search capability helps you find everything you’re looking for.
• Free icon naming is back! Rename your apps anything you choose on your home screen.
• Discover page features stylish ringtones and wallpapers picked just for you.
• Save favorites as you scroll ringtones and backgrounds, then view them all in the same place.
• Redesigned upload tool makes adding new sounds and images to the app quick and effortless.

Beautiful HD Wallpapers
• Search or browse millions of custom-sized backgrounds to match your phone’s home screen or lock screen.
• Themed collections including brand name HD wallpapers and home screen backgrounds from major movies and sport events.
• Free live wallpapers let you set moving images as your background or lock screen.
• Enjoy popular HD wallpapers for your home screen or lock screen from categories like landscapes, abstracts, inspirational quotes, sports, entertainment as well as live wallpapers and other images.
• Use the Cropper Tool to personalize the image or live wallpaper for your home or lock screen.
• Preview and quickly set wallpapers to your home screen or lock screen from within the app.
• Save your favorite wallpapers to My ZEDGE™ to access from any device or share them with your friends.

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High Quality Audio
• Preview and download millions of ringtones, notification sounds and alarms to personalize all your device sounds.
• Ringtones for every friend and family member including custom contact tones as well as your favorite music like rock, rap and country, plus comedy, sayings, and classic ringers and sound effects.
• Easily set ringtones and notification sounds from within the app, including individual contact ringtones.
• Collect your favorite ringtones, alarms and other sounds to My ZEDGE™ to access from any device or share them with your friends.

App Icons and Widgets
• Create the ultimate personal look for your phone with customized app icons and widgets to compliment your new home screen wallpaper.
• App icon packs replace your calendar, mail, phone and other icons with a theme just for you.
• Clock widgets replace the standard clock display with a custom phone theme look.
• Browse free icon and widget themes including special edition versions for holidays, sports, movies, events plus colors, moods and more.

Personalized Game Suggestions
• Receive personalized game suggestions based on the apps you already use and love
• Browse all of the new and popular game titles specifically selected for you based on your app graph data

• Save lets you create a single login to access all of your favorite wallpapers, ringtones and icons from any device.
• Add sounds and backgrounds to favorites without downloading.
• Access your ringtones and wallpapers across all your devices with one simple login
• Receive special limited edition holiday personalizations for every occasion from our most popular holidays like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, New Years, Halloween and Christmas plus cool customizations for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more.

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Best Ways to Make Friends With An Unknown Girl in any Wedding

Best Ways to Make Friends With An Unknown Girl in any Wedding

There is a good time to go overboard with the wishes and wishes of weddings in India.

It’s a drink, or a dance tilt, or just dressing, you’re on top of it all the way. If you have ever gone for a big fat Indian wedding, then you will easily find the laws of attraction there. If this is the second or third cousin, then stay away! If he is on the opposite side of the party, then strengthen your game! It seems that in addition to dressing up to look like a wedding, women wear a dress seen by men in subconsciously, because of course, the opportunity calls for it! So man, if you ever have a In the case of big fancy marriage, and some women are looking to talk or flirt, there are some to follow through some Dos and Don and Shada decorations. You just can not go, you are starting to beat every woman you see! It’s just bizarre and unacceptable.

So, here are some tips for talking to those beautiful women in the weddings, without feeling weird and without being weird!
Do not go too drunk

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Yes, alcohol you breathe everywhere. This is a big fancy Indian marriage and unless the families have any problems with alcohol, it is probably more prevalent than some of India’s drafts. But this does not mean that you drink whole fountains! It is very good when you are intoxicants, it reduces your barrier, not too much into alcohol. Maybe you can present the woman you are crushing on a drink and giving your company with your drink? In this way you drink with him and you do not go to the ship!

Ps: Do not even get drunk! For another time in the reserve, when he wants to go out to drink honestly and have a fun evening with you.
Do not Be a Cliché

Women look beautiful in marriage, so do not start with ‘O, look beautiful’ or any other thing! Proper conversation or ‘Hi, are you enjoying yourself’ and start anywhere under the line, tell him that he looks beautiful. Of course, all women want to know that they look very beautiful, just do not start with that!

Make her comfortable

You can find someone who likes you who may not know anyone except the groom or the bride. If you are talking to him, then make sure that you keep his company and do not make it weird, because it looks strange. Have some fun with her and introduce her to the people, so she can also talk to them. Do not kill him at random and go away, if you do this then he will feel very weird.